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I was recently perusing the excellent website Over the Footlights [] and came across an entry for a musical, Very Good, Eddie! This had been performed in 1918 at the Palace, a theatre which I had excluded in the 1910-1919 Calendar on the grounds that it presented variety entertainments. However, I clearly should have made an exception for this musical comedy.  Below is the entry as it might have appeared; the information has been gathered from several sources, not least the invaluable Footlights mentioned above.

18.121b Very Good, Eddie! (MC, 2a) Jerome Kern (mus) and Schuyler Greene (lyr) and Melville Gideon (songs) and Sylvio Hein (songs) and Guy Bolton (bk) and Philip Bartholomew (bk; based on his Overnight, 1911). Palace 18/5/1918. 46 perf [w/W, Th, S mats; add mat 21/5]. 1st perfd Van Curler, Schenectady, 9/11/15. Eddie Kettle Nelson Keys; Dick Rivers Walter Williams; Percy Darling Stanley Turnbull; Al Cleveland Ralph Lynn; George François de Rougemont André Randall; A Purser George Grundy; Coloured Steward E. Trimmingham. Georgina Kettle Helen Temple; Elsie Darling Nellie Briarcliffe; Mme Matroppo Veronica Brady; Elsie Gray Madge Saunders; Victoria Lake Beryl Harrison; A Booth Girl Evie Graham. Pres Alfred Butt; Dir Guy Bragdon; Ch George Shurley; Mus dir Jaques Heuvel. Reviews: Stage 23/5/1918, 12; Times 20/5/18, 9. Comment: The plot concerned two couples of differing heights who cross paths on a boat headed to a honeymoon inn in Poughkeepsie and who accidentally trade partners in a farcical manner (Playbill). Times said the piece did not live up to the expectations aroused by the success of the New York production (Princess 23/12/15, 341 perf) but thought it was “just an ordinary cheerful, easy-going musical comedy.” The “first-night audience was thoroughly appreciative.” Stage provided a lengthy description of the “slight but quite sufficiently complicated plot” and concluded the production “provide[d] agreeable light entertainment, and there is no offence in it, despite Eddie’s happily passing exhilaration due to a ‘high ball’ and a ‘chaser.’”

Here’s a review in The Year’s Work in English Studies (2016):

“J.P. Wearing’s epic series of reference books on the London stage has proved an invaluable resource for theatre scholars since it first started to appear in the 1970s. Covering details about productions at every major London theatre from the 1890s to the 1950s, The London Stage: A Calendar of Plays and Players eventually spanned sixteen volumes. The indexes have now been republished in two monumental editions, which retain the same chronological divisions into decades (1890-9, 1900-0, etc.) with related material. This new publication also includes four key indexes to aid information-gathering: general, genre, theatre, and title. While there has been the occasional quibble about discrepancies with production figures, Wearing’s work remains the most reliable and informative source on plays in London during the first half of the twentieth century, and many will find this two-volume edition of great help.”

“Visitors to Reading jail this autumn might encounter Patti Smith reading the four-and-a-half-hour entirety of Oscar Wilde’s De Profundis, or see new artworks by Steve McQueen, Nan Goldin or Marlene Dumas dotted around echoing corridors and empty cells.

Artangel announced on Thursday that it was taking over one of the most notorious prisons in the UK, the place where Wilde spent a harrowing, soul-destroying two years from 1895-97” (Guardian, 21 July 2016).

Read the remainder of the story here.

I’ve just written a short article on the reception of Bernard Shaw’s plays on the London stage during his lifetime. It deals with how critics and audiences alike responded to his plays and offers some new perspectives. It’s called: “Reception in London, 1892–1950,” in George Bernard Shaw in Context, ed. Brad Kent (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015), pp. 317–324.

In A Noble Brother (item 90.29) the author of the play and actor of the role of “Jerry” should read J. W. Summers, and not W. J. Summers. Reviews of the London production (as well as Allardyce Nicoll in his History of English Drama) give the author and actor as W. J. Summers. It would appear Summers’ name was misprinted on the program since references to the provincial productions of the play (both before and after the London production) give J. W. Summers. Indeed, J. W. Summers was quite well known in America. He died in April 1893 (Era Almanack, 1894). Interestingly, during his visit to England, Summers married, as his second wife, Clara L. Pierre Rose (from Chicago, a dramatic reader) in Liverpool on 4 December 1889.

Entry 54.8 The Boy Friend. In the female cast the role of Hortense is listed as being played by Violetta. Her full name is Violetta Farjeon for whom the role was actually written. Violetta Farjeon was born in 1923 and died 2015.

I’ve just discovered that a line is missing on page 511, at the bottom of the second column of the Theatre Index. The missing line is: Haymarket: 40–50, 150; 41–48; 42–29, 48–50; 43–52, 59– (the entry for the Haymarket continues over the page on p. 512). This is true of both the print and electronic versions. However, the entry for the Haymarket in the Accumulated Indexes volume is complete in both editions. If anyone spots any additional errors I would be grateful if they would let me know so that they can be posted here on the blog.

Below are corrections to entries in American and British Theatrical Biographies: An Index. I will gladly post any additional corrections discovered by users of the Index.

BRIGGS, Bunny [Bernard] (1922–2014) American dancer TW/2, VON
BRUNEL, Adrian (1889–1958) English actor ES, ODNB

The list below updates the entries in American and British Theatrical Biographies by providing the date of death for the various subjects:

ABBENSETTS, Michael (1938–2016)
ABERCROMBIE, Ian (1936–2012)
ABSE, Dannie (1923–2014)
ADAIR, Hazel (1920–2015)
ADLER, Richard (1921–2012)
AINSLEY, Paul (1945–2013)
ALBANESE, Licia (1913–2014)
ALBEE, Edward [Franklin] (1928–2016)
ALBERTAZZI, Giorgio (1923/25–2016)
ALBRECHT, Gerd (1935–2014)
ALEXANDER, Cris (1920–2012)
ALLEN, Billie (1925–2015)
ALLMAN, Robert (1927–2013)
ALONSO, Fernando (1914–2013)
ANDERSON, Rona (1928–2013)
ANGELOU, Maya [Marguerite Johnson] (1928–2014)
ANTHONY, Charles (1929–2012)
ARBUS, Allan (1918–2013)
ARMSTRONG, R.G. (1917–2012)
ARQUETTE, Alexis (1969–2016)
ASHERSON, Renée (1915–2014)
ATKINSON, Barbara (1926–2015)
ATTENBOROUGH, Sir Richard (1923–2014)
AVERY, James (1948–2013)
BABILÉE, Jean [né Guttman] (1923–2014)
BACALL, Lauren [Betty Joan Perske] (1924–2014)
BAIN, Conrad (1923–2013)
BARABÁS, Sári  (1914/18–2012)
BARAKA, Amiri [né Everett Leroy Jones; LeRoi Jones] (1934–2014)
BARNES, Billy (1927–2012)
BARTOLETTI, Bruno (1926–2013)
BATE, Anthony (1927–2012)
BAYLER, Terence (1930–2016)
BEDFORD, Brian (1935–2016)
BENESH, Joan Dorothy [née Rothwell] (1920–2014)
BENNETT, Richard Rodney (1936–2012)
BERGEN, Polly (1930–2014)
BERGONZI, Carlo (1924–2014)
BERNHARDT, Melvin (1931–2015)
BEST, James (1926–2015)
BEVAN, Donald (1920–2013)
BIKEL, Theodore (1924–2015)
BORGNINE, Ernest (1917–2012)
BOULEZ, Pierre (1925–2016)
BOWIE, David (1947–2016)
BRADY, Terence (1939–2016)
BREAUX, Marc (1925–2013)
BRENNAN, Eileen (1932–2013)
BRIERS, Richard (1934–2013)
BRIGHTON, Pam (1946–2015)
BROOK, Faith (1922–2012)
BROOKES, Jacqueline (1930–2013)
BROWN, John Russell (1923–2015)
BRYAN, Dora [née Broadbent] (1924–2014)
BYRNE, Patsy (1933–2014)
CAESAR, Sid (1922–2014)
CAFFREY, Sean (1940–2013)
CANARY, David H. (1938–2015)
CAREY, Harry, Jr (1921–2012)
CARNE, Judy (1939–2015)
CARLOS, Laurie (d 2016 [67])
CARROLL, Helena (1928–2013)
CARROLL, Janet (1940–2012)
CARSON, John (1927–2016)
CARTER, Elliott (1908–2012)
CARTER, Jack (1922/23–2015)
CARTER, Myra (1930–2016)
CAVANAUGH, Christine (1963–2014)
CERQUETTI, Anita (1931–2014)
CHAUVIRÉ, Yvette (1917–2016)
CHETWYN, Robert [né Suckling] (1933–2015)
CHOUTEAU, Yvonne (1929–2016)
CIMINO, Leonardo (1917–2012)
CLARKE, Mary (1923–2015)
COE, George (1929–2015)
COLE, George (1925–2015)
COLE, Natalie (1950–2015)
COLLINS, Gary (1938–2012)
CONNELL, Elizabeth (1946–2012)
CORRI, Adrienne (1930–2016)
COWLES, Matthew (1944–2014)
CRAGUN, Richard Allan (1944–2012)
CRAZE, Tony (1944–2016)
CREGAN, David (1931–2015)
CRUTCHLEY, Kate (d 2013 [69])
CURTIN, Phyllis (1921–2016)
DANTZIG, Rudi van (1933–2012)
DARLING, Jean [née Dorothy Jean LeVake] (1922–2015)
DAVALOS, Richard (1930–2016)
DAVENPORT, Nigel (1928–2013)
DAVID, Hal (1921–2012)
DAVIES, Howard (1945–2016)
DAVIES, Peter Maxwell (1934–2016)
DAVIS, Ann B. (1926–2014)
DAVIS, Garry (1921–2013)
DAVIS, Nancy [Mrs. Ronald Reagan] (1921–2016)
DAVIS, Sir Colin (1927–2013)
DEE, Ruby [née Ruby Ann Wallace] (1922–2014)
DELLA CASA, Lisa (1919–2012)
DENKER, Henry (1912–2012)
DEUTEKOM, Cristina (1931–2014)
DILLER, Phyllis (1917–2012)
DOBBS, Mattiwilda (1925–2015)
DOMINGUEZ, Oralia (1925–2013)
DONLAN, Yolande (1920–2014)
DOSSOR, Alan (1941–2016)
DOWLING, Vincent (1929–2013)
DREW, David (1938–2015)
DUNHAM, Joanna (1936–2014)
DURNING, Charles (1923–2012)
DUVAL, Denise (1921–2016)
DVORÁKOVÁ, Ludmilla (1923–2015)
DYSART, Richard A. (1929–2015)
EGGERTH, Marta (1912–2013)
ELLIOTT, Bob [of Bob and Ray] (1923–2016)
ELYOT, Kevin (1951–2014)
FARENTINO, James (1938–2012)
FARINA, Dennis (1944–2013)
FEIST, Gene (1923–2014)
FICHANDLER, Zelda [née Diamond] (1924–2016)
FINKEL, Fyvush (1922–2016)
FINLAY, Frank (1926–2016)
FISCHER-DIESKAU, Dietrich (1925–2012)
FISHER, Carrie (1956–2016) American actress
FO, Dario (1926–2016)
FONTAINE, Joan (1917–2013)
FORBES, Bryan [né Clarke] (1926–2013)
FORBES, Elizabeth (1924–2014)
FOX, Bernard M. (1927–2016)
FRANKLIN, Bonnie (1944–2013)
FRANKLIN, Frederic (1914–2013)
FREEMAN, Al, Jr (1934–2012)
FRELICH, Phyllis (1944–2014)
FRID, Jonathan (1924–2012)
FRIEL, Brian (1929–2015)
FROST, David (1939–2013)
GABOR, Zsa Zsa (1917–2016)
GAM, Rita (1927/28–2016)
GANDOLFINI, James (1961–2013)
GARLAND, Patrick (1936–2013)
GARNER, James (1928–2014)
GASKILL, William (1930–2016)
GAYNES, George [George Jongeyans] (1917–2016)
GAZZARA, Ben (1930–2012)
GEIDT, Jeremy (1930–2013)
GELB, Arthur (1924–2014)
GELIOT, Michael (1933–2012)
GEORGE, Collin (1929–2016)
GIBSON, Virginia (1925–2013)
GILMORE, Peter (1931–2013)
GLASS, Ron (1945–2016)
GOLD, Jack (1930–2015)
GORR, Rita (1926–2012)
GOTTFRIED, Martin (1933–2014)
GRADY, Don (1944–2012)
GRASS, Günter (1927–2015)
GRAY, Elspet [Baroness Rix] (1929–2013)
GRAY, Kevin (1958–2013)
GREGORY, Don (1934–2015)
GRIFFIN, Hayden (1943–2013)
GRIFFITH, Andy (1926–2012)
GRIFFITHS, Richard (1947–2013)
GRIMES, Tammy (1934–2016)
GROSBARD, Ulu (1929–2012)
GROUT, James David (1927–2012)
GUNTER, John (1938–2016)
GUY, Rosa (1922/28–2012)
HAGMAN, Larry [Hageman] (1931–2012)
HAMILTON, Lawrence (1954–2014)
HAMLISCH, Marvin (1944–2012)
HAMMOND-STROUD, Derek (1926–2012)
HANNAN, Eilene (1946–2014)
HARBOTTLE, G. Laurence (1924–2015)
HARRIS, Julie (1925–2013)
HARRISON, Noel (1934–2013)
HARRON, Donald (1924–2015)
HART, Cecilia (1948–2016)
HEELEY, Desmond (1930–2016)
HEMSLEY, Thomas (1927–2013)
HENDERSON, Florence (1934–2016)
HENZE, Hans Werner (1926–2012)
HERRMANN, Edward (1943–2014)
HICKS, Barbara (1924–2013)
HILL, Lucienne [née Palmer] (1923–2012)
HOFFMAN, Philip Seymour (1967–2014)
HOFSISS, Jack (1950–2016)
HOLDER, Geoffrey (1930–2014)
HOLDER, Owen (1921–2016)
HOLM, Celeste (1919–2012)
HOOKS, Jan (1957–2014)
HOPKINS, Antony (1921–2014)
HOSKINS, Bob (1942–2014)
HOWARD, Alan (1937–2015)
HOWARD, Ken (1944–2016)
HUDDLESTON, David (1930–2016)
INGHAM, Barrie (1932–2015)
IRELAND, Kenny (1945/47–2014)
IRVING, George S. [né George Irving Shelasky] (1922–2016)
ISHIOKA, Eiko (1938–2012)
JACKSON, Anne (1926–2016)
JAFFREY, Saeed (1929–2015)
JENN, Stephen (1950–2012)
JOHNSON, Richard (1927–2015)
JONES, Dean (1930/35–2015)
JOOSTEN, Kathryn (1939–2012)
JOSEPHSON, Erland (1923–2012)
JOURDAN, Louis (1920/21–2015)
JUNE, Ava (1931–2013)
KEATING, Charles (1941–2014)
KEEFER, Don (1916–2014)
KEEN, Pat (1933–2013)
KENT, Jean [née Field] (1921–2013)
KERR, Bill (1922–2014)
KERR, John (1931–2013)
KERSLEY, Leo (1920–2012)
KILTY, Jerome (1922–2012)
KIM, Willa (1917–2016)
KING, Larry L. (1929–2012)
KISSEL, Howard (1942–2012)
KLUGMAN, Jack (1922–2012)
KRAUSE, Tom (1934–2014)
KUMALO, Alton (1939–2013)
KÁLMÁN, Charles (1929–2015)
LAUTER, Ed (1940–2013)
LEAR, Evelyn (1926–2012)
LEE, Leslie (1930?/35–2014)
LEHNHOFF, Nikolaus (1939–2015)
LEIGH, Mitch [né Irwin Mitchnick] (1928–2014)
LESSING, Doris (1919–2013)
LEWIS, Geoffrey (1935–2015)
LIBERTINI, Richard (1933–2016)
LIFF, Samuel (1919–2015)
LLOYD PACK, Roger (1944–2014)
LOGGIA, Robert (1930–2015)
LOM, Herbert (1917–2012)
LYNCH, Richard (1936–2012)
LYNDECK, Edmund (1925–2015)
LYUBIMOV, Yuri Petrovich (1917–2014)
MAAZEL, Lorin (1930–2014)
MacDONALD, Brian (1928–2014)
MACNEE, Patrick (1922–2015)
MacRAE, Sheila (1929–2014)
MALINA, Judith (1926–2015)
MALLORY, Victoria (1948–2014)
MANN, Theodore [né Goldman] (1924–2012)
MANSOURI, Lotfi (1929–2013)
MANZI, Warren (1955–2016)
MARCEAU, Félicien (1913–2012)
MARCHAND, Colette (1925–2015)
MARGULIES, David (1937–2016)
MAROWITZ, Charles (1934–2014)
MARRE, Albert [né Albert Moshinski] (1925–2012)
MARRIOTT, Anthony (1931–2014)
MARSHALL, Garry (1934–2016)
MARTIN, Nicholas (1938–2014)
MASUR, Kurt (1927–2015)
MATTHEWS, Francis (1927–2014)
MATTOX, Matt (1921–2013)
MAXTONE-GRAHAM, John (1929–2015)
MAY, Val[entine] (1927–2012)
MAYALL, Rik (1958–2014)
MAZURSKY, Paul (1930–2014)
McCABE, John (1939–2015)
McCARTY, Michael (1946–2014)
McEWAN, Geraldine [née McKeown] (1932–2015)
McMARTIN, John (1929?/1932–2016)
MEDINA, Patricia (1919–2012)
MELIA, Joe (1935–2012)
MENDEL, Deryk (1920–2013)
MICHAELS, Frankie (1955–2016)
MICHELL, Keith (1926–2015)
MILLER, Nolan (1933/35–2012)
MILNER, Martin (1931–2015)
MILNES, Rodney (1936–2015)
MISKOVITCH, Milorad (1928–2013)
MITCHELL, Warren (1926–2015)
MOFFATT, John (1922–2012)
MOODY, Ron [né Ronald Moodnick] (1924–2015)
MOORE, Dick (1925–2015)
MOORE, Juanita (1914–2014)
MORISON, Elsie (1924–2016)
MORNIN, Daniel (1956–2014)
MUNSEL, Patrice (1925–2016)
MURPHY, Gerard (1948–2013)
MURRAY, Barbara (1929–2014)
MYERS, Lou (1938–2013)
NAGY, Ivan (1943–2014)
NEDERLANDER, James (1922–2016)
NEILSON, Perlita [née Margaret Sowden] (1933–2014)
NEUFELD, Peter (1936–2015)
NEWAY, Patricia (1919–2012)
NICHOLS, Mike (1931–2014)
NIMOY, Leonard (1931–2015)
NINAGAWA YUKIO (1935–2016)
NISKA, Maralin (1926/1930–2016) American soprano
NOBLE, James (1922–2016)
NORMENT, Elizabeth (1952–2014)
NUNN, Bill (1952–2016)
OBERLIN, Russell (1928–2016)
OBRATSOVA, Elena (1937–2015)
OLIVERO, Magda (1910–2014)
ONTIVEROS, Lupe (1942–2012)
O’BRIAN, Hugh (1925–2016)
O’DONNELL, Mark (1954–2012)
O’HARA, Maureen (1920/21–2015)
O’MARA, Kate (1939–2014)
O’SHEA, Milo (1926–2013)
O’TOOLE, Peter (1932–2013)
PALILLO, Ron (1949–2012)
PARKER, Eleanor (1922–2013)
PARKER, Joy [Mrs Paul Scofield] (1924–2012)
PARROTT, Ian (1916–2012)
PARRY, Natasha (1930–2015)
PASCO, Richard (1926–2014)
PEARSON, Alfred (1910–2012)
PEMBERTON-BILLING, Robin (1929–2012)
PERCIVAL, John (1927–2012)
PHILLIPS, Robin (1942–2015)
PILBEAM, Nova (1919–2015)
PLATOFF, Marc [Marc Platt] (1913–2014)
PLISETSKAYA, Maya (1925–2015)
POLITO, Jon (1950–2016)
PRIESTMAN, Brian (1927–2014)
RAFFIN, Deborah (1953–2012)
RAINER, Luise (1910–2014)
RAME, Franca (1929–2013)
RAMIS, Harold (1944–2014)
RAUTAVARRA, Einojuhani (1928–2016)
REBHORN, James (1948–2014)
REDMAN, Joyce (1918–2012)
REES, Angharad (1949–2012)
REES, Roger (1944–2015)
REICH, George (1926–2013)
REID, Christina (1942–2015)
REMEDIOS, Alberto (1935–2016)
RESNIK, Regina (1922–2013)
REYNOLDS, Anna (1931–2014)
REYNOLDS, Debbie (1932–2016)
RICE, Peter (1928–2015)
RICE, Peter (1928–2015)
RICHARDS, Martin (1932–2012)
RICHARDSON, Jack (1935–2012)
RICKMAN, Alan (1946–2016)
RIETTY, Robert (1923–2015)
RIVERS, Joan (1933–2014)
RIX, Brian (1924–2016)
ROBERTS, Doris (1925/1930–2016)
ROBERTSON, Toby (1928–2012)
ROCCO, Alex (1936–2015)
RODGERS, Mary (1931–2014)
ROGERS, Paul (1917–2013)
ROGERS, Wayne (1933–2015)
ROGIER, Frank (1918–2013)
ROONEY, Mickey [Joe Yule] (1920–2014)
RUDEL, Julius (1921–2014)
RUSSELL, Iris (1922–2014)
SACHS, Andrew (1930–2016)
SACHS, Robin (1951–2013)
SADDLER, Donald (1918–2014)
SAKS, Gene (1921–2015)
SAWALLISCH, Wolfgang (1923–2013)
SCHALLERT, William (1922–2016)
SCHELL, Maximilian (1930–2014)
SCHELLENBERG, August (1932–2013)
SCHULLER, Gunther (1925–2015)
SEGAL, Zohra (1912–2014)
SELDES, Marian (1928–2014)
SERENI, Mario (1928–2015)
SEYMOUR, Alan (1927–2015)
SHAFFER, Peter Levin (1926–2016)
SHANK, Adele Edling (1940–2014)
SHANKAR, Ravi (1920–2012)
SHARIF, Omar (1932–2015)
SHERIDAN, Dinah (1920–2012)
SHERMAN, Robert B. (1925–2012)
SHERWOOD, Madeleine [née Thornton] (1922–2016)
SHIGETA, James (1929/33–2014)
SHIRLEY-QUIRK, John (1931–2014)
SIM, Sheila (1922–2016)
SIMON, Herb [né Braha] (1946–2016)
SINDEN, Leon (1927–2015)
SINDEN, Sir Donald (1923–2014)
SIZOVA, Alla (1939–2014)
SLATER, Daphne (1928–2012)
SMITH, Carrie (1925–2012)
SMITH, Liz (1921–2016)
SMITH, Nicholas (1934–2015)
SPINETTI, Victor (1929/33–2012)
SPRADBERY, John (1930–2014)
SPRINGER, Ashton, Jr (1930–2013)
STAPLETON, Jean (1923–2013)
STEVENS, Risë (1913–2013)
STIGWOOD, Robert (1934–2016)
STOCK, Gailene (1946–2014)
STORCH, Arthur (1925–2013)
STRITCH, Elaine (1925–2014)
STROUD, Michael (1934–2015)
SUMNER, John (1924–2013)
SYKES, Eric (1923–2012)
TALLCHIEF, Maria (1925–2013)
TALLMER, Jerry (1920–2014)
TARBUCK, Barbara (1942–2016)
TAVENER, John (1944–2013)
TEMPLE, Shirley (1928–2014)
TERRY, Nigel (1945–2015)
THAXTER, Phyllis (1919/20–2012)
THICKE, Alan (1947–2016)
THOMAS, Thom (1941–2015)
THORNTON, Frank [né Ball] (1921–2013)
THRONE, Malachi (d 2013 [84])
TIERNEY, Malcolm (1938–2014)
TOWNSEND, Sue (1946–2014)
TREVOR, William [William Trevor Cox] (1928–2016)
TWAIN, Norman (1930–2016)
TYRRELL, Susan (1946–2012)
VAN PATTEN, Dick (1928–2015)
VAUGHAN, Stuart (1925–2014)
VAUGHN, Robert (1932–2016)
VAUX, Adrian (1936–2012)
VERDY, Violette (1933–2016)
VICKERS, Jon (1926–2015)
VIDAL, Gore (1925–2012)
VIGODA, Abe (1921–2016)
VISHNEVSKAYA, Galina (1926–2012)
VON FURSTENBERG, Betsy (1931–2015)
VOYTEK (1925–2014)
WAGNER, Arthur (1923–2015)
WAITE, Ralph (1928–2014)
WAJDA, Andrzej (1926–2016)
WALL, David (1946–2013)
WALLACE, Marcia (1942–2013)
WALLACE, Mike (1918–2012)
WALLACH, Eli (1915–2014)
WARD, Simon (1941–2012
WEBB, Lizbeth (1926–2013)
WEBER, Carl (1925–2016)
WEKWERTH, Manfred (1929–2014)
WELLAND, Colin (1934–2015)
WELLER, Walter (1939–2015)
WESKER, Arnold (1932–2016)
WHEELER, David (1925–2012)
WHELAN, Peter (1931–2014)
WHITE, Leonard (1916–2016)
WHITE, Michael Simon (1936–2016)
WHITELAW, Billie (1932–2014)
WILDER, Gene (1933–2016)
WILLIAMS, Andy (1928–2012)
WILLIAMS, Camilla (1919/22–2012)
WILLIAMS, Dick Anthony (1938–2012)
WILLIAMS, Hugh Steadman (1935–2016)
WILLIAMS, Robin (1951–2014)
WILLIS, Jerome (1928–2014)
WILMER, Douglas (1920–2016)
WILSON, Elizabeth (1921?–2015)
WILSON, Julie (1924/25–2015)
WILSON, Sandy (1924–2014)
WILSON, Snoo (1948–2013)
WINDOM, William (1923–2012)
WINTERS, Jonathan (1925–2013)
WISE, Herbert [né Weisz] (1924–2015)
WOLSK, Eugene V. (1928–2013)
WOOD, Peter (1927–2016)
WOODS, Aubrey (1928–2013)
WOOLFENDEN, Guy Anthony (1937–2016)
WRIGHT, Martha (1923/26–2016)
WYMARK, Olwen [Mrs Patrick Wymark] (1934–2013)
WYMORE, Patricia [or Patrice] (1926/27–2014)
YOUNG, Alan (1919–2016)
ZAPATA, Carmen (1927–2014)
ZIMBALIST, Efrem, Jr (1918?–2014)

Patrick Finelli of the University of South Florida recently posted this report about the Dion Boucicault Theatre Collection at USF:

“This is an update on the Dion Boucicault Theatre Collection, the largest single repository of Boucicault manuscripts and materials in the world. Twelve years ago the late Barry Russell and other scholars helped us obtain funding to process 29 boxes of manuscripts, prompt books, notes, drawings and letters that the University of South Florida acquired from the estate of his widow. My colleague Matt Knight, special collections librarian, is preparing materials for an online exhibit of the following hitherto unpublished plays: Cuishla Machree; Suilamor, or, Life in Galway; Janet Pride; Jeanie Deans; Vanity Fair; The Parish Clerk; Lost at Sea; Vice-Versa; A Man of Honour; Marriage; Contempt of Court; RescuedPhryneOurselves; The Grass Widow; and Fin Mac Cool. Restructured and updated versions of the following plays and their prompt books will also be included in the online collection: The Colleen Bawn, Arrah-na-Pogue, The Shaughraun, The Amadan, The Rapparee, Belle Lamar, Pauline, Hunted Down, The Long Strike, and Robert Emmet. I believe there is also a play titled The Vampire in manuscript form.  Matt and his research assistant are engaged in transcription, editing, and digitization of materials. Boucicault’s dramas have been given a new lease on life with the publication of Deirdre McFeely’s excellent new study, Dion Boucicault: Irish Identity on Stage, and through other recent scholarly articles; however, these works do not discuss the majority of Boucicault material found in USF’s collection, nor do they take into account updated versions of the plays that are generally available. Further, many of the plays discussed in depth in modern scholarship are not readily available to the average reader. The last published collection of Dion Boucicault’s Irish drama was The Dolmen Boucicault, appearing in 1964, and it included only three plays.  Since that time, Plays by Dion Boucicault was released in 1984, featuring five plays, and the Selected Plays of Dion Boucicault, containing six plays, two of them also in the aforementioned volume was released in 1987. In short, scholars who have examined Boucicault’s plays in depth have only had The Dolmen Boucicault and slim anthologized versions to consult without having to rely on archival copies or microform editions of play scripts. USF’s substantial Boucicault collection is therefore invaluable, not only for filling gaps in the canon, but also for understanding 19th-century English-language theatre; contemporaneous social issues facing Britain, Ireland and the United States; and Victorian popular culture. The potential academic readership for The Dion Boucicault Online Theatre Collection will include those interested in the fields of 19th-century drama, English literature, American theatre and culture, Irish studies, Victorian studies, and popular culture. Further, as Boucicault’s Irish plays have enjoyed a revival on the stage in the last two decades, a collection of updated texts and new editions will extend the possibilities for more theatrical productions in the future. Also, given the cultural, social, and political material found in these dramatic works, a general reader will have much to appreciate in this online exhibition. In short, this project will appeal to the academic specialist, graduate and undergraduate students across disciplines, theatre directors and actors, and the general public. If you are interested in this collection for research or scholarship (faculty, independent scholar or graduate student), contact: Patrick Finelli, Ph.D. Professor School of Theatre and Dance University of South Florida”

There are 59 references to Boucicault’s work in The London Stage between the years 1890 and 1943 (see the accumulated indexes volume for details).