Just a few words about the illegal “free downloads” of my books that can be found on the Internet. Since all my books are in copyright, all such downloads are illegal. Moreover, the objective of the sites that offer these downloads is to infect the computer of the person downloading the book and then perpetrate some scam (I would imagine this would be financial, identity theft, etc.). These sites are easy to spot because they usually piggyback on a genuine website. Here is the link to the first one I found today:


The legitimate part of this link is : http://www.loggerlanetownhomes.com, the remainder leads you to the so-called free download.

Obviously, this problem affects virtually every author, and the best “solution” is for potential readers of such downloads to do the right thing and buy a genuine copy of the book, or at least go to their local library and borrow it. While the Internet encourages the free dissemination of ideas etc., such scams rob authors of some financial reward for their labors. Many years of work have gone into the making of my own books and surely even the slender remuneration royalties offer is just and appropriate. In any event, those who want free downloads might consider whether the damage caused to their computers and their financial lives is worth it.