J.P. Wearing is the author of numerous books and articles, including The Shakespeare Diaries published in April 2007. He has written critically acclaimed books on two other dramatists, Bernard Shaw and Sir Arthur Pinero. He is also the author of the sixteen-volume series of calendars of plays and players on the London stage for the period 1890-1959; a considerably enlarged eight-volume second edition was published in 2014. The final volume of the second edition includes the accumulated indexes to all the volumes of the Calendar.

His current project is a murder-mystery novel set in rural England during the present day. The cast of colorful, intriguing characters will keep readers guessing about the guilty parties. Also in preparation: The London Stage 1960–1980: A Chronology of Dramatic Productions. At the moment, the latter consists of a “bare bones” chronology of approximately 7,000 productions at the major West End theatres and numerous “fringe” venues. The “bare bones” includes title, genre, author, location, and date of production or revival, together with some information on casts, reviews, and the like. There is still a great deal to do, but inquiries about productions are welcomed, and I will do what I can to respond.