I see that Harry Stopes-Roe died recently. Not mentioned in the obituary in the Daily Telegraph was his supposed co-authorship with his famous mother of a play. The latter was entitled Buckie’s Bears , a play for children, by “Erica Fay” [Marie Stopes] and “Harry Buffkins” [Harry Verdon Stopes-Roe] which was performed at the Royalty Theatre on 26 December 1931 and ran for 25 matinee performances. The play was revived five times during the 1930s. Harry was six when the play was first staged so it seems likely that his mother was largely responsible for the finished work. Given her views on eugenics, there is perhaps a touch of irony in her authorship of a children’s play. Her views on birth control found expression in Our Ostriches, a play of modern life, first performed at the Court Theatre on 24 November 1923, and revived at the Royalty on 7 May 1930.